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natural stone jewellery

Combine the useful to the pleasant by opting for natural stone jewellery

Choosing the right type of jewellery for your loved ones or yourself can be a very overwhelming task, mainly due to the multiple varieties available in the market. However, natural stones jewellery has been the most popular since ancient times….

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How should I dress my child for a baptism or a wedding?

Soon you will be invited to honour a baptism or a wedding; this time it will be different because you are going with your child. And sometimes it can be quite complicated to find suitable children’s clothing for these occasions….

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How should I dress my child on the first day of school?

The holidays are over and it will soon be back to school! As ideal parents, you’ve probably already prepared school supplies, tuition and other expenses, but have you thought about what your children will wear for their first day of…

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What should I put in my child’s suitcase if he goes on a school trip?

When children are old enough to go to school, it means more responsibility for the parents. The school often organizes activities that are essential for the student’s grades and curriculum, such as the school trip. Every school year there is…

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How should I dress my child for the school class photo?

Every school year, parents always have to face the ritual of the class photo. For some, it’s not such a special event; and that there’s no need to dress the children differently than usual. In addition, there are those who…

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