How should I dress my child for the school class photo?

Published on : 08 January 20202 min reading time

Every school year, parents always have to face the ritual of the class photo. For some, it’s not such a special event; and that there’s no need to dress the children differently than usual. In addition, there are those who consider this moment as an important phase that will remain as a souvenir for the little ones, or a gift for the grandparents. So, you still have to make a little effort on the outfits. But what will be the clothes that will fit the occasion? What look should the child adopt?

The choice of colours

Let’s start there! If the school has not previously imposed a colour code to be respected, then it is up to you to choose them. Do you have a little girl and would you like her to wear that flashy, girly dress? It’s not very advisable, let’s face it! Remember that this is a class picture, not a picture where all you see is your little cutie. So it’s best to choose colours that don’t go overboard. The idea is to blend in with the other students. For example, a small, rather sober dress might be just right for your princess. As for your little guy, forget about superhero fashion; instead, choose plain-coloured clothes.

The perfect outfits

If the administration does not impose the uniforms on the students, then it is up to you, dear parents, to decide what to wear for your children. There are no precise rules in this respect, as long as you do not make your children wear disrespectful clothes. So, for a little girl, for example, she would be perfect in a simple but chic little dress, pleated at the bottom or a little puffy; that goes without saying. However, if it’s a little cold, don’t hesitate to put tights on her. For a little boy, a well-ironed T-shirt and tight-fitting pants will do the trick.

Possible accessories

If you felt quite limited in the design of the outfits for the class photo; maybe you would be fulfilled by thinking about the accessories. It’s the class photo and it only happens once a year, so go for it. The straps will certainly have a more elegant effect on your boy. And, headbands and barrettes can, for example, enhance your little girl’s look. Of course, you need to think about a hairdo.

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