What should I put in my child’s suitcase if he goes on a school trip?

When children are old enough to go to school, it means more responsibility for the parents. The school often organizes activities that are essential for the student's grades and curriculum, such as the school trip. Every school year there is one; and it may even last a few days. So, what should you put, in your child's suitcase, for the next trip? Generally, luggage should be divided into three separate compartments, including clothes and shoes, toiletries and other accessories that may be useful.

Clothing and shoes

Since a school trip will take your child more than a day, it is normal to put a change of clothes in his suitcase. To be sure of the quantity, the ideal would be to conform to the number of days for the trip. That way, you'll be able to put him/her in daywear and also in adequate pyjamas, not to mention underwear. But again, this is an opportunity for your little one to start being independent and self-sufficient, so choose clothes that are easy to put on. As for shoes, a spare pair will be sufficient; and don't forget slippers and flip-flops just in case.

The toilet bag

The toilet bag has a very important place in the school trip suitcase. Wherever your child will be, he or she always needs to be cared for and to live in good hygiene. So pack his toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a washcloth, shower gel and shampoo, a packet of wipes if needed, sunscreen and a towel. Normally, each parent should set aside a toiletry kit for their children in advance, especially for occasions like this.

Useful accessories

Apart from basic necessities, it's not bad either to add a few accessories that your child can use during the trip. Like what? You can, for example, put a flashlight, his favourite cuddly toy, to make sure he gets a good night's sleep. A personalised thermometer and a health record will also be welcome in case your child develops a fever. And don't forget to put a notebook or notepad in his suitcase, because as a school trip, he'll need a few things to take notes.
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