How should I dress my child for a baptism or a wedding?

Published on : 08 January 20202 min reading time

Soon you will be invited to honour a baptism or a wedding; this time it will be different because you are going with your child. And sometimes it can be quite complicated to find suitable children’s clothing for these occasions. How do you dress him/her properly? Are there specific rules to follow? So many questions fill your head; and you know how annoying it is not to know what to do. So here are some ideas to give you some direction.

The perfect colours for the occasion

The first thing to see is the colour of the clothes, so that you can eliminate some of them. Often the hosts of the event impose a colour code beforehand. Of course, the guests are not obliged to wear the indicated colour entirely, but a few colourful accessories as such will suffice. And that also applies to children. For a little girl, for example, a white dress with a small ribbon belt in the colour of the party can be worn. And for boys, the bows can be tied according to the code.

Simple but classy outfits

When dressing your child for special occasions, never lose sight of the fact that they are children and need a minimum of comfort. So, even though princess style dresses with veils everywhere are in fashion, make sure she won’t scratch it. If in doubt, opt for simple yet refined and elegant outfits instead. For a little girl, a little cotton voile or linen dress will be perfect. You can add a little decoration by playing with laces or ribbons. And for your little gentlemen, a cotton shirt accompanied by linen trousers or stylish Bermuda shorts will do the trick, without forgetting the matching waistcoat.

The power of accessories

As with adults, accessories also play a big role in dressing children for big events. There are so many of them; but still avoid making more than enough. And, of course, it is also imperative that they fit in with the event dress code. So you can, for example, choose a little bow tie and suspenders for your little prince; a light hat wouldn’t be bad either. And to make the princess look even more sublime, a crown of flowers would be the best and most fashionable.

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