The exchange: trade children’s clothes by word of mouth

As you go from purchase to purchase of children's clothes, you easily face a lack of space and an explosion of dressing room. Yet it's never enough; you always want more. So many children's clothing models make their appearances, and one can only succumb to them; but the rapid growth of these little ones does not help matters either. So what to do with these clothes that fill the cupboard? We have the solution for you, namely the exchange. Certainly, you are not the only mother who finds herself in such a situation; so why not barter together to get rid of the useless cloths and acquire some useful ones?

A quick and easy system

You don't have to advertise or advertise yourself to find people to talk to in order to pass the exchange. A simple word of mouth is more than enough. It is enough to make your intention known within a framework, not necessarily extended, and to wait for the message to be passed on. All the mothers who find interesting clothes in the list will send their collaboration in no time at all. Of course, for the barter itself, a meeting should happen. This offers, moreover, a certain confidence to both contractors.

A profitable concept on the financial side

Why are we swapping children's clothes? All parents with children are aware that their children's clothes can sometimes be a huge financial burden on the household. Not only are they growing up too fast, but the cost of children's clothes is not the lowest either. So, if there is a possibility of giving those that are no longer suitable for our children to receive others that meet our needs; what's wrong with that? Then we don't have to buy any more, and we could even save money.

A service of giving and receiving

Trading children's clothes is a better initiative for parents. It's really an opportunity to renew the wardrobe of their princesses and princes, without having to worry about lack of space or the explosion of their bank account. In barter, you give and receive in return. So that no one feels cheated, only clothes of equal value are exchanged. In this way, all contractors come out a win-win situation; and this is thanks to the use of word of mouth, a very efficient and easy communication system.  
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