Children’s dressing room and flea market: what advantages and disadvantages?

Published on : 08 January 20202 min reading time

When you have children, especially if they are still young, you are often required to renew your wardrobe every season or every year. Children grow up quickly to the point where they quickly outgrow their clothes. And while in the past, mothers had to organize their diaries in advance to find a free slot and drop by the shops to get new outfits for their little ones, now they have another choice with the existence of the flea market. And yes, you can buy children’s stuff, including clothes. But would it be profitable?

Very varied choice

Selling or buying children’s clothes at a dressing-room is not a new concept. It has always existed and many parents seem to love it. Let’s just say it’s normal when you focus on the multitude of choices it offers. At the flea market, you can find all types of children’s clothing, winter or summer clothes. In addition, the sizes are very diverse, from new-borns to teenagers. Shopping there, you can be sure that you won’t leave empty-handed. The shelves are so crowded, that it’s the customers who don’t know what to put in the basket.

Clothes at mini prices

Price is the first point that differentiates the flea market from the shops. In a dressing-room, all clothes are suggested at more than adequate costs. For a children’s outfit that is worth a lot in the store, you can easily get it by rummaging through the second-hand goods aisles, without having to go over the budget limit. In a dressing-room, fashion is cheap. There, it is highly likely to buy clothes, recently released in collections, at unbeatable prices.

Product and transaction insecurity

When we talk about a garage sale or flea market, we are directly led to think that the products on sale there are not new. They are, in fact, second-hand clothes and are, in most cases, in good condition. But this does not prevent us from questioning the health safety they generate. How do you know if the clothes you plan to buy for your children are really sanitary and will not cause any allergy crisis for them? However, at flea markets, it is not possible to return items, for example, if they are the wrong size or size.

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