Women’s clothing: find nearby shops directly online

Women's clothing

Published on : 04 November 20203 min reading time

There is no better time to order and shop for clothes online than now. This is because most retailers are looking jamming the internet with online stores and advertising the shops through www.the-shops.co.uk. Further, the increase in reported coronavirus cases globally has restricted movement around Europe.
As a result, this means that there is no time to meet your designer or even visit a boutique for supplies. Luckily, the following article has you backed with stores with reasonable discounts, sort out designs, and stress-free delivery services. Here are nearby online shops for women’s clothing.

The best online shops for women’s clothing in the UK


ASOS is a 2000 British company that supplies fashion and cosmetic products around the UK. They primarily market is young adults for both men and women. ASOS is a complete brand that believes in confidently styling customers and building upcoming brands within the country. Their online shop has over 850 brands and a range of clothing accessories, shoes, and gifts. They have a well-experienced design team that is not only innovative but also hard-working. Further, ASOS curates the best brands and works with multiple designers to develop the best wear available. In other words, ASOS is an online shop working with both small and big brands such as Nike and Soko Kenya to deliver the best designer clothes worldwide.

Finery London

Another online shop worth mentioning is Finery London, a 2015 company with the best clean and relaxed cuts. Finery London is an establishment of former ASOS employees. Unlike ASOS, this company solely deals with the sale of women wear. These range from printed dresses to tops to plain dresses and even tops. Further, their designs are not only contemporary but also beautiful at the cost of fair prices. In terms of discounts, they have up to 70% discount on clothes; this will come in hand during the pandemic. A period in which people are looking to get the best discounts and save more in the process. Suppose you are concerned about shipping, then worry not. They have two different shipping rates with delivery made the following day and the other in five days.


The last online shopping store on this list Trouva. Trouva is a homeware/lifestyle online store featuring clothes for the whole family. Their online services offer clothes, shoes, and accessories from Europe’s best independent boutiques. Trouva is the best online shop to discover new brands from LA and the UK. In terms of after services, Trouva has a significantly low delivery cost. This is regardless of whether you are buying from boutiques in Europe and the UK. In other words, Trouva is an online store for stylish boutiques. They are one of the best in the market with unique designs on homeware brands.

Honourable mentions

  • Zalando: A Berlin-based shopping company loaded with high street designs.
  • Reformation: An LA company designing party dresses.
  • La Redoute: A one-stop online shop with the latest trends.
  • The Vampire’s Wife: A brand for celebrities and suitable for red-carpet occasions.
  • Shrimps: Suitable for whimsical dresses.

The bottom line

With the coronavirus in the second wave, most countries will resort back to lockdown. However, this means that you can’t keep up to date with the latest wear or won’t have the chance to shop either. If you are looking to restock your wardrobe from home, then the above shops are what you need to make your online experience better.

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