Does a girl have to wear pink?

The colour pink has always been considered a colour dedicated to girls. Just after the ultrasound result shows that the baby's gender is female, parents tend to invest a lot in pink clothing and accessories. This has been the case for a long time and is still the case today. And even in the early years, a girl's wardrobe is often filled with this colour. But why pink and do we have to wear it as a girl?

The meaning of the colour pink

You're wondering why they give girls the color pink instead of pink. It is quite simply because this colour expresses delicacy and softness more than others. And that's just the way the world sees the female sex. A girl who wants to emphasize her femininity is more convincing by wearing pink. But then again, this colour fortifies romanticism and the girls are known to be formidable romantics, with a perfect mastery of seduction. Pink also reflects perfect innocence, which suits those little princesses with angel faces.

Why pink?

Often, when we see a little girl, she wears pink clothes. And sometimes, even if her clothes are not that colour, you can't miss to see some accessories wearing that colour. So does that mean they love pink? On the one hand, the answer is extremely positive: girls love the colour pink. But there is no denying that many factors have influenced them, such as the cartoons about princesses and the images they frequently see. Besides, as little girls, they still don't have the right to make any demands regarding their wardrobes.

Pink is not mandatory

For example, there is no rule dictating that all little girls must wear pink as a child. Of course, it is a fashionable colour and still is, and it amply justifies the image we want to see in a little girl; but it is not an imperative. You don't have to dress your child like that. And even for some time now, more and more parents are being seen to adopt other colours for their daughters. The latest collections of children's clothing show a new trend in colours other than pink for girls.  
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