She only wants to wear skirts or dresses, what can I do?

If before the birth of your baby, you thought that dressing her would become your new favourite hobby; think again! At a certain age, this could even become your daily ordeal, if not the worst. This is the case when your children don't make it easy for you by categorically refusing to put on the clothes that you had prepared so much the night before. And it's even worse when it's cold, in winter, and your princess only wants dresses or skirts. So how do you deal with that?

Teach her to adapt to the circumstances

As little girls, it's perfectly normal to love dresses and skirts. On the other hand, they are not always the right outfit for every situation. And that's why it's important to explain to them why. In winter, for example, wearing skirts or dresses is not at all advisable. The cold could easily invade the child's body, and the child will then get sick. Of course, we have to be very careful about the choice of words to use, because let's not forget that it is in front of a little girl that we are going to argue. In order to do this, it is imperative to remain calm and tender so that the message can get across quickly. But it is just as important to have a minimum of firmness.

Play with influences

Your daughter doesn't want to dress in anything other than dresses and skirts at all, despite the fact that you have already explained its usefulness to her? Now it's time to play with influences. This means that you will have to refer to her entourage and show her that other girls wear pants, shorts and so on. Compliment them; tell them how pretty they look and you will see that she might choose to drop her favourite clothes and hang the other outfits you suggested.

What to do in a desperate case?

If you are sure that you have tried everything to get your princess to agree to wear something other than a dress or skirt; then all you have to do is to conform to it while adapting your needs. How do I do that? It is possible, for example, to put leggings or a pair of tights underneath these clothes. Or you can also choose to cover her completely with a coat to prevent her from catching cold.
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