Girl’s clothes: How to match your clothes?

A well-dressed girl is the pride of her mother, but also of her father. The outfit must have a harmonious colour and, above all, a stylish and well-matched appearance. But how do you achieve this when you're not a fashion expert or a proven stylist? Here are some tips for matching clothes for babies (girls), little girls and teenagers.

What is a harmonious outfit?

A harmonious outfit gives a positive aesthetic appearance. It reflects a certain palpable ease outdoors. Matching girls' clothing is a way to make her wear an outfit that matches her body shape, colours that bring out her complexion, and above all a harmonious whole.

The essentials of a girl's wardrobe and how to put them together

To be able to match the girls' clothes, you have to have all the pieces at hand. Then you need to know the essentials, which include versatile and timeless tops. These are basics that should preferably have neutral colours (black, navy blue, white and ivory). T-shirts (short or long-sleeved) and tank tops are classified as casual tops, and go well with sweaters. As for dressy blouses, they are prettiest under a cardigan in cold weather, with jeans, small boots or a skirt. Small pleated skirts go well with coquettish shirts to give a perfect childlike elegance. They can be decorated with a small waistcoat in case of obvious temperature variations. For formal wear, dresses are also suitable for little girls, making sure that the colour is well suited to her complexion. Little ballerinas or moccasins will look good with this type of outfit. T-shirts in cheerful colours are suitable for jeans and leggings in dark colours, or with a harmonious contrast. This outfit will be used to go to school, or to accompany parents to the city or to the mall. Boots and tennis shoes are perfect to accompany this type of clothing. For holidays, especially at the seaside, frilly skirts, accompanied by brightly coloured T-shirts, sandals and flip-flops, as well as small bags can be the elements that make up the outfit.

Clever tips for an outfit that always goes with the outfit

Whether attending a ceremony, going to school, in town or on vacation, girls also need to look their best. You don't have to have an overfilled wardrobe to look right. Instead, you need to be able to marry all the available pieces to create the perfect outfit at any time, in a short period of time. The first thing to do is to tidy the wardrobe in order to put it in strict order. All clothes must be easily accessible, i.e. all T-shirts in one pile, and the same goes for dresses, sweaters, trousers, skirts and so on. It is preferable to arrange each row by colour for better visibility. Depending on the season, scarves, hats and coats are useful items in a girl's wardrobe, with colours to match her outfit, plain or patterned.  
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