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Hey, sweet cheeks.... Are you ready for the fine one one?


A couple of months ago I made a makeup purchase... (nothing new there) I saw beauty bloggers going mental on twitter about the launch of the new Benefit product ‘Fine One One’ and I knew I needed a slice of this pie... I don’t know about you but I tend to fall superficially in love with a new product. I think it’s the impromptu excitement buzz of being a beauty mad shopaholic. So I buy something, rave about it for a few days then realise it might not have been that great after all... Not this time! This is the cheek version of the touché éclat!!!!! For me anyway...

I went straight to Jess at my local Benefit counter on my lunch break and demanded she tell me all about it... It’s basically a few things in one... a blush stick, with built in highlighter which can be used on cheeks and lips. The packaging is chic (as you would expect from Benefit) and it travels brilliantly in the handbag. It has 3 sections... you point the highlighter side nearest the eye and glide from the apple of your cheek to temple for a very subtle look or you can flip it the other way with the coral at the top for a slightly more dramatic look. You can blend with your finger or a sponge. I have found this product so easy to use that I’ve touched up a few times without even using a mirror! It adds a subtle coral flush to the cheek, perfect for me as I don’t like to wear a heavy blush... It also eliminates the endless drama of carrying your expensive blusher around only to find it smashed to smithereens literally in the first week of buying it. I am totally sold. I look forward to doing my makeup so I can use this product!


Rodial Dragon's Blood Range - The Best So Far

As my favourite of the Dragon's Blood range have finally run out I thought it was high time I shared their wonders with you.

I was lucky enough to be sent the entire Dragon's Blood range by the lovely people at Rodial late last year and have really enjoyed trialing the products. The creams worked wonders on my dry, Wintered skin and I used them daily to achieve a taught, firm looking face. 

The Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic moisturiser is a product that I will certainly buy again, it works perfectly as a daily facial cream and smells beautiful - it's just what I need in the morning to awaken my senses, a burst of citrus and some instant illumination. 

This 50ml product lasted me over 4 months while being used every day, sometimes more than once a day - at £45 I would say it is great value because it actually made my skin feel different.


Next to my best Rescue Remedy find in life so far...Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask.

WOW -  This product seemed to sort all my problem areas out.

Described as:

A moisture drenched facial mask with instant visible results. Hyaluronic Acid and tensors immediately plump fine lines and tighten wrinkles whilst providing comfort to dehydrated skin. Dragon’s Blood reduces redness with anti-oxidant benefits whilst Gransil smoothes imperfections for a smoother and firmer complexion.

I cannot speak highly enough of this product & I need to order more asap - you simply have to try it and let the results do the talking. I didn't really use it as a mask, more of a deep skin night rescue remedy. After using this product I would wake up with soft, nourished feeling skin and my problem areas would be problem no more.

This is also sold in 50ml and lasted me around 5 months and costs £35 which is a wonder in itself.

Thanks so much to the Rodial team for introducing me to such wonderful skin care products


Love Label Crystal Dial Watch

Oversized watches are just my cup of tea, maybe it's because I'm a tall girl but I have always preferred large accessories and think they look better on me - perhaps it stems back to those 90's 'pop swatch' days :0)

This watch is very much a fashion accessory, it has a faux sub dial to give the look of multi functional movement and a stone set face to give it some serious 'bling' factor. It is chunky yet feminine and has a slight Rolex look about it.

You can buy this Love Label watch for just £30 from - a perfect Valentines gift for girls who love a bit of sparkle in their life.



Why are you putting petrol on your lips????

It was during a routine waxing appointment earlier this week with a regular (and much loved) client of mine that I realised it is high time I got on my soap box about lip care. 

“Carrie, I suffer from dry lips all throughout the winter and its really getting me down.”  I asked her what lip product she was using and she came back with “Vaseline” SAY NO MORE!!!!!!!  I replied with “what do you expect?  You’re using an ingredient with the word PETROL in its name. “ 

Petroleum jelly was first discovered in 1859 in Pennsylvania, USA on oil rigs. It collected on the rigs as a bi-product of the oil collection, annoying workers as it made machinery malfunction.   

Need I say more against this ingredient going on the skin? Yes it will soften your lips temporarily, but your skin cannot and will not absorb a bi-product of crude freaking oil!!!!! Stop using it!!!! Vaseline have marketed the fact that it will temporarily soften lips by putting it in little lip balm tins and shoving a few extra and probably cheap, nasty flavourings to market it to women. Which, to be fair, has worked. Personally, I want integrity from my product.  The only time I use it is to guard the skin from tint when performing eyelash and brow tinting treatments... you may have also had it applied to your hair line before having a your hair coloured to prevent staining.  

So, what do we use then? I hear you ask.... Personally, I have a little jar of hemp butter mixed lovingly with pure essential oil of Neroli which was made for me by Jules at bespokeyou (she can make you the perfect lip pot tailored to your wants and needs... just contact her via I use mine every single day, as a lip balm, a cuticle balm, a protective barrier across my cheeks when I’m out running in the bitter cold wind! I cannot recommend it more and she can use all sorts of different ingredients to suit you.  

Other recommendations....  

Clarins extra firming lip and contour balm.... It’s expensive at £29.50 but its petroleum free and promises to plump and smooth lines with its collagen boosting maxi lip complex... Good idea to buy your mama this for mummy’s day? 

Origins conditioning lip balm with turmeric... £15.00 its main base is jojoba and cocoa butter and reviews say it lasts well so makes up for the slightly high price tag. 

Rant over :0)


It's a Saint Germain Kinda Day

Today I am wearing M.A.C high gloss nail lacquer in Saint Germain. I bought it last weekend as it made me think of Spring.

Now that the snow has cleared and January is behind us thoughts of warm Spring days are in my mind. It's a day dreamy kind of colour....




I finally did it!

I've been talking about it for ages and trying all sorts of different mascaras in the mean time but last week I finally booked in for eyelash extensions. 

It must have been around a year ago that I noticed my friend Carrie looking fully lash-a-licious and when I enquired she told me about the wonderful Sonia who applied them for her. Not long after that I noticed a few more friends with super vixen lashes and decided I needed to jump on the eyelash express!

I'm not sure exactly why it is but for some reason long lashes look sexy, I guess it's like full lips, it's feminine and sultry and for me means wearing no eye make-up.

The application process for a full top set takes around 1 hour and costs only £40 with Sonia. I imagined it to be uncomfortable but it wasn't at all, it was quite a relaxing process. 

You can select from a number of lengths depending on your own lash length and desired impact - I went for the longest, in an all or nothing kind of way! ;0)

My first thought when I looked at the results in the mirror was OMG, I look like Mr Snuffleupagus!

I'd had my eyebrows threaded for the first time too so it was a lot to take in but I was looking forward to getting my glad rags on the following evening for a night out in London.

Desired impact was achieved! I am now a most proficient lash batter and since application (over a week later) I'm still getting comments. I met a friend who I hadn't seen for a few months who later text to say how well I was looking - this is always a great thing to hear :0)

Having eyelash extensions has meant having to change my daily routine which is always strange; not applying eyeliner for the first time in 15 years is odd but very nice and washing my face was difficult for the first week but it's like any change in routine, it just takes practice.

Below are the before and after pics, the bottom pic is taken is taken 11 days after initial application - they are lasting really well.


I was warned that this new beauty ritual may become addictive and I can see why, I am hoping that I won't look completely bald when they finally fall out but just in case, I have Sonia on speed dial.



Sssssssimply Ssssssssuper Rodial GLAMOXY Snake Mask

I have been coveting this for a long time.  1) because I am an advertisers dream, and 2) because it looks so dramatic, which I guess is what Rodial intended, it gets you talking, and gets the desire burning!

I was lucky enough to get this for Christmas from an old friend, and tried it out the other night as my boyfriend and I, along with millions other it seems, have decided to do the ‘dry January’ and we are also really piling the veg up on our plate, so already I can see a difference in my skin and thought this would be a good time to try the mask.

It needs to be put on quite quickly as it goes tacky quite quickly, meaning if you go back over an already covered area, it may start to peel, but this also may be because I put too thin a layer on?

I hadn’t told James what I was doing, so when I came back downstairs to sit next to him on the sofa, he got a bit of a fright to see me with it on. Leave it on 15-20 minutes (I went for 20mins) and then the fun begins!  I have to admit, this was another selling point for me, I am such a sad person!  You have to peel it off!  James kindly pointed out I looked like Ali G here.

The end result is great, it is supposed to brighten your skin, and I believe it did, I stupidly didn’t take a before picture, but if you know me and read my tweets or reviews, I suffer with pretty congested and dull skin, so this was a great result for me.  I still have a few imperfections so excuse those, but you should get the general idea of how it has made my skin quite obviously brighter.  The side profile also shows where my blood has obviously come to the surface to create the brightness.

Twice to three times a week Rodial recommends, so my second one is tonight!

you can buy it here and if you’ve not bought from rodial before, you get 10% off your first order when you sign up!


Thinspiration (the Virtuous type)

Happy New Year blog readers! Or is it?

If you can call only being able to wear about two outfits in your entire wardrobe due to bulging busts, bellies and thighs ‘happy’ then good on you. Or arguably, if you’re one of those people who don’t gain weight over Christmas then you must be happy (I don’t hate you at all. Honest.) So for the main part of the population it’s a time for cramming exercise where exercise is truly unwelcome (i.e. the 6.30am boot camp before work) and playing what is certainly my favourite new year game ‘how slowly can I eat my tiny salad this lunch time to see if it could ever, ever, ever actually fill me up a tiny bit more.’ I haven’t lost my mind guys, I’m just hungry.

So being the girl who can literally solve almost any problem with a beauty related solution, I thought I’d let you in on a couple of little tricks I know for aiding this fight of iron will we have to go through in January.

Who owns a body brush and lets it gather dust on top of the bathroom cabinet thinking... ‘What is this actually for?  It’s actually a cellulite busting, skin smoothing, ingrown hair bashing pretty much everlasting and vital piece of girl equipment! (Depending on its quality... if the bristles feel at all soft, bin it and read on for my recommendation. If they feel like a cactus, get involved!) This is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not working it out before now....

  •        Always brush the body when DRY!!
  •        Before the bath/shower is best. (it will aid the absorbtion of other products)
  •        Use swift, upward strokes and always brush towards the heart (this increases blood and lymph circulation bringing fresh cells and encouraging toxins away)
  •        Concentrate on outer thighs, buttocks, hip area (love handles in my case :-/) and abdomen. (These stimulating movements are helping to break down stubborn, superficial fatty deposits i.e. CELLULITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  •        By all means brush the whole body (softens and exfoliates the skin beautifully and teases out pesky ingrown hairs) but just keep the movement toward the heart... and go easy on delicate areas of skin such as the inner thighs.( Nobody wants their thighs to look like Freddie Krueger‘s had a go at them.)
  •        For added detoxifying benefits, use a detox oil or cellulite gel post brushing and showering/bathing. Use deep, circular (upward) movements here too to further break down fat and stimulate the circulation. Skin will appear smooth and feel silky very, very quickly!

RECOMMENDATIONS.... I have to go mainly ESPA on this one guys... it’s a brand close to my heart and I strongly believe nobody does detox body products quite as effectively as these beautiful British people right here, don’t know them? Get to know them....

ESPA skin brush: £16.00 (you’ll only buy it once! I’ve had mine for about 5 years and it’s still very firm.  It’s made with ACTUAL cactus bristles!)

ESPA Full body detox collection Reduced from £87.00 to £70.00... (Includes detoxifying seaweed bath, detoxifying body oil and detoxifying salt and oil scrub)

Find detox delights and more at




My Boohoo Boots

Towards the end of last year I placed my first order with after having a little browse and spotting these boots. I was looking for a pair of comfortable, easy to wear boots, with a little something going on - these ticked all my boxes.

When the weather gets colder a good selection of boots is a must in every girls wardrobe, these Ruby studwork ankle leather look boots are doing me proud...I wear them with my skinny jeans, with dresses and particularly like them teamed with a smart work dress to add a little boho chick edge.

I have worn these boots a lot over the last few months, they look even better roughed up a bit and at just £40 they certainly have been good value for money. have an amazing selection of boots along with pages of clothing and accessories - I think this site may become one of my regular 'clicks' if my first purchases are anything to go by.



Jack Howard & Pol Garcia at Rossano Ferretti

Louise from @Get_Lippie tweeted the other day about whether any blondes fancied getting their hair done by Jack, and that it was on him.

As you know if you read my drivel, I have worked with Jo Hansford, Josh Wood, and all of the girls at FOUR London, so I know that if you get a chance to get in with a renowned Colourist or Stylist, you TAKE IT.  

Jack @JackHowardUK has returned to our shores after 18 years in the USA, and has some amazing credits, and as a Senior Portfolio Artist for L’Oreal Professionnel Jack has taught Balayage across the United States and has now brought that expertise and talent to London.

Balayage means to sweep or to paint. Jack describes it as a way to give us a natural looking hair colour, as nature gives us as children, and therefore softer, much subtler regrowth.  

So I was due in for a cut with Pol Garcia and Balayage with Jack.  Unfortunately it turned out I didn’t have enough root regrowth for Jack to work his Balayage magic, which I was so disappointed about but he offered to sort my roots out which was lovely of him.

Pol is an absolute master of cutting.  Seriously, I was mesmerised, this sounds ridiculous, but the only way to describe it is that he is like a real life Edward Scissorhands, the speed of his scissors can only be compared to Johnny Depp snipping with his 10 fingers of steel, whereas Pol had one pair of scissors.  It wasn’t normal cutting, it was twisting then cutting, he was doing the front of my hair by leaning in from behind me, it wasn’t a haircut, it was an experience, just incredible.  You will see from before pics, my hair is poker straight, thin (although lots of it) and it just hangs.  It’s just really ‘meh’  Pol has cut each section of hair he touched, totally free style, there was no pulling both sides of hair round the face to see if it was the same length, and he did so much chopping, twisting and just random snipping, that I was left with wavy hair, that looks so much thicker!

Turns out that Jack had a bit of a task on his hands when it came to colour, he wanted to soften the harsh colour, and break it up, and basically get it looking more classy, and it’s worked, I love the colour, much more natural, it has been lighter than I wanted it for a while now, but it feels less in your face now, such a subtle change, but with a huge difference. I was really hoping to talk about his Balayage technique, as it really isn’t massive over here, but I’ve promised him I am going to let my hair grow for 10-12 weeks, (dear god) and then go and see him again so he can do Balayage on me.  I asked him what I can do to disguise 10-12weeks of regrowth, and he told me to embrace it.  I may embrace hats too, let’s hope this cold snap continues!

if you are reading this before Wednesday the 16th January, and fancy a change (Jacks treat), are willing to have a fringe cut if you don’t already have one, and go lighter, then email him  He and Pol are genuinely two of the nicest unaffected talented men I have met. 

scary before: 

this was me when I left the salon, not great pic, but good lighting to see colour and