I am a big fan of pure essential oils, you will almost always find me burning or humidifying oils or incense at home to help set or assist a mood.

Without doubt, I find essential oils help me along the way to sleep, relax or to feel rejuvenated when I can't quite manage it on my own. The problem is, I can't burn incense at work - my boss nearly had a fit when I introduced a Love & Peace essential oil diffuser to the office! What was missing from my life was some form of portable, personal essential oils, so when I came across Scentered therapy balms I was very excited to try.

I use Focus therapy balm to assist with long afternoons in the office. The fragrance is fresh, really clears my head and allows me to approach work with a fresh focus. Even the ritual of applying the balm, taking a moment to inhale deeply and reset before starting the next project is a treat. Generally, I think that people don't allow themselves enough break time throughout a busy working day and most of us will certainly benefit from periods of mindfulness.

Hot on my wish list is the limited edition 2017 Beauty Awards Winner - Be-Happy balm and at a very reasonable £27.50, I think the Travel Balm and Candle Gift Set would make a perfect, thoughtful gift this Mother's day.