There's nothing quite like finding inspiration from beautiful artwork and wandering around museums, galleries or photography exhibitions for me. With a sketchbook in hand, I can lose hours in my own little creative world. 

I guess I find it cathartic, my mind is opened in a way it usually isn't - I find myself being more mindful which is the most beautiful and relaxing experience. It's a far cry from sitting at a desk, in an office all day!

A trip to London with my kids to view an exhibition is one of my favourite things to do and buying and creating beautiful artwork to hang in my home is hugely important for me. Vibrant colours awaken my soul and the energy from these paintings somehow entwine me into their adventure.

My latest love and daily Instagram inspiration is Ange Miller an Australian artist who has this beautiful vibe about her that I can feel through her work. The elegant expression in her paintings rocks my world, I want to cover my entire house with her happy work.