Eyeliner and concealer and my two 'can not live without' makeup products. Kind of amusing really as with one I try to cover my inherited dark circles while with the other try to make my eyes stand out - go figure!  

For many years I have been using MAC Eye Khol in shade Phone Number. I like it because it's soft, blendable and allows me to shade as well as line my eyes. The colour is somewhere between black and grey which brings out the greeny hazel in my eyes.

Recently, however, I made a conscious decision to not buy any more products which are tested on animals. The process of cutting out these 'bad' brands is not as easy as I thought - so many products are sadly not cruelty-free.

I will finish the products I already have on the go to avoid waste but, going forward I will be diligent with my purchases. This means that my longstanding love affair with Mac along with many other of my former favourite brands will shortly be coming to an end. Bitter/Sweet! 

I'd never used Sisley products before but knowing that, even before the implementation of European regulations concerning animal testing the company had decided to not test on animals was a big motivation for me to give the products a go.

So in the search for a new go-to eyeliner, my first trial was with Sisley Paris Phyto-Eye Twist in shade 8 - Black Diamond. This product is a great all in one eye makeup solution - eyeliner and eye shadow. It's a blendable crayon - much more chunky than I have used before but actually easier to use when it comes to shading. I absolutely love this product, it's striking, bold and even has a very subtle sparkle going on. That's before I even touch on the uber cool packaging!

In the picture below I have applied the Phyto-Eye twist to my right eyelid, leaving the left eye naked. Hopefully, this illustrates the full lash effect I enjoy from the product. Please excuse the lack of under eye concealer and unruely eyebrows!

Next on my to try list will be shade 4 - Steel, as I think that will be a better day liner to compliment my eye colour. I will, however, be keeping Black Diamond for those slightly more dramatic evening makeup looks.