Recently I've experienced a conscious, perhaps spiritual awakening when it comes to matters of environmental sustainability and ethical concerns. By that I mean I am trying my best to actually live by my principles and to no longer bury my head in the sand or turn a blind eye when it comes to the environment. I have a feeling of wanting to learn more about life beyond the same old scope that I've previously limited myself too. 

It feels like it's my time to join the earth love revolution!


I'm not vegetarian or vegan but I am working towards my first goal of becoming a pescatarian and while going through this journey I am also becoming mindful of the products I use in my home, on my skin and that I buy for my family.

I've started to only buy environmentally friendly cleaning products and have decided to make sure I always check to ensure the products I buy are cruelty-free.

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So far I have found that the link with cosmetics brands selling into China is where the problem begins. This is because animal testing is required by law in China for all foreign cosmetics companies - which is crazy but unsurprising when you take a moment to think about it.. I mean this is the country that boils dogs alive! I think it's fair to say that the Chinese do seem to have less compassion towards animals than most western nations.

The large European and American cosmetics brands do not want to lose their presence in China due to the fast increasing cosmetics market, which in 2015 was already worth over 26 billion dollars.

I guess it's the same old story of ethics versus business and politics! My personal opinion is that every little helps and that each time just one person starts thinking about environmental sustainability and how to make changes to support this, then a little bit of good is done.

How can anybody advocate this type of treatment? 

How can anybody advocate this type of treatment? 

I know that there are a lot of fundamentalist vegans out there who will find my approach to be less than helpful to the cause, and I agree that there is always more that can be done but for now I am at the beginning of a valuable personal journey and I am happy with that.

If like me, you would like to find more out about ways to make a difference when purchasing products that are cruelty-free then I have found a very useful website which I have been using to help me along the way. Check out to gain up to date information on which brands are cruelty-free and which you should look to avoid in the future.

Lets one by one do what we can to keep our beautiful planet in good working order, we owe it to future generations, ourselves and to the wonder of the universe we are so lucky to be part of.

                 Peace out!

                 Peace out!