It seems that those naturally blessed with wavy hair always use straighteners to banish any sign of frizz but for me, my GHD's are only ever used for curling.

My hair is fine and poker straight so my 'go to' products are always body builders and thickening agents. There are loads of products on the market and after trying many, the one I always come back to is Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray and here's why.

This hairspray gives my hair the body it naturally lacks without clogging it up with product - this is a rare and precious quality! 

You can apply sparingly throughout the day and with just a little scrunch you get instant from the root body.  

This product is versatile, great for those who don't have time for big bouncy blow dry's, as a quick fix but also can be used on wet hair pre-blowdry for those who have time to really go for a proper Jackie O look.

If you are looking for the messy(ish) hair on purpose look then this is the product for you.