I've always been team Aniston to be honest but like most people I really did hope that the Brangelina union would last. Not only was it all so public and seemingly hearbreaking for Jennifer Aniston but Brad and Angelina did really seem to be very deeply in love and perhaps they were..

In the "perfect" celebrity world that we are presented with by the media we see magnified parts of peoples lives with scewed realities and blatant intrusions. There is the argument that these people have got their fame and fortune from the limelight but they are also people with feelings so really some privacy should be given - However celebrity journalism is competative and everyone needs to earn their money and career status so there we have the viscious circle of celebrity and press!

Brangelina were never really going to be left alone and yes they courted the press with their lifestyle (i guess), it was interesting to follow with their adoptions, beautiful children and humanitarian work. But they seemed strong and after the less than ideal start to the relationship we hoped that they would last but yesterday the sad news broke that love is officially dead! Angelina has filed for divorce amid claims that Brad has been having an affair.

Honestly my first thought was how sad this is but my second thought kind of wrong footed me - how does Jennifer feel about this? It's got to rock her right? Probably, I mean he was most likely the love of her life, she stayed single for so long after their divorce and now just over a year after she finally tied the knot with longterm love Justin Theroux, Brad is single again!!!

And the Giff taking over twitter this past few days says it all