After years of coveting this beautiful brand I finally purchased my first Diptique scented pillar candle earlier this month and oh what a treat for my little home.

Founded in Paris in the late 1950's by three friends driven by their creative passion, they began by designing luxury fabrics for the likes of Liberty. In 1961 they opened their first store where they sold their own design soft furnishings along with imported English scents - how wonderfully surprising to think that our English perfume houses were being introduced to the in vogue Parisian set at this time!

From humble beginnings to the Diptyque we know today; exquisite home fragrance, signature unisex scents and l'art du soin for the body and face - Diptyque has a stunning repertory of scents which have been created during the company's 50-year evolution.

Diptyque Paris Figuier

I opted for the Figuier scented candle from the olfactory range for the home which pays tribute to nature using carefully chosen raw materials which intensify the Fig trees qualities...close your eyes and you could almost be sunning yourself somewhere in the Med.