As my favourite of the Dragon's Blood products have finally run out I thought it was high time I shared their wonders with you.

I was lucky enough to be sent the entire Dragon's Blood range by the lovely people at Rodial late last year and have really enjoyed testing the products. The creams worked wonders on my dry, Wintered skin and I used them daily to achieve a taught, firm looking face. 

The Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic moisturiser is a product that I will certainly buy again, it works perfectly as a daily facial cream and smells beautiful - it's just what I need in the morning to awaken my senses, a burst of citrus and some instant illumination. 

This 50ml product lasted me over 4 months while being used every day, sometimes more than once a day - at £45 I would say it is great value because it actually made my skin feel different.

Thanks so much to the Rodial team for introducing me to such wonderful skin care products