It was during a routine waxing appointment earlier this week with a regular (and much loved) client of mine that I realised it is high time I got on my soap box about lip care. 

“Carrie, I suffer from dry lips all throughout the winter and its really getting me down.”  I asked her what lip product she was using and she came back with “Vaseline” SAY NO MORE!!!!!!!  I replied with “what do you expect?  You’re using an ingredient with the word PETROL in its name. “

Petroleum jelly was first discovered in 1859 in Pennsylvania, USA on oil rigs. It collected on the rigs as a bi-product of the oil collection, annoying workers as it made machinery malfunction. 

Need I say more against this ingredient going on the skin? Yes it will soften your lips temporarily, but your skin cannot and will not absorb a bi-product of crude freaking oil!!!!! Stop using it!!!! Vaseline have marketed the fact that it will temporarily soften lips by putting it in little lip balm tins and shoving a few extra and probably cheap, nasty flavourings to market it to women. Which, to be fair, has worked. Personally, I want integrity from my product. The only time I use it is to guard the skin from tint when performing eyelash and brow tinting treatments... you may have also had it applied to your hair line before having a your hair coloured to prevent staining. 

So, what do we use then? I hear you ask.... Personally, I have a little jar of hemp butter mixed lovingly with pure essential oil of Neroli which was made for me by Jules at bespokeyou (she can make you the perfect lip pot tailored to your wants and needs... just contact her via I use mine every single day, as a lip balm, a cuticle balm, a protective barrier across my cheeks when I’m out running in the bitter cold wind! I cannot recommend it more and she can use all sorts of different ingredients to suit you. 

Other recommendations.... 

Clarins extra firming lip and contour balm.... It’s expensive at £29.50 but its petroleum free and promises to plump and smooth lines with its collagen boosting maxi lip complex... Good idea to buy your mama this for mummy’s day?

Origins conditioning lip balm with turmeric... £15.00 its main base is jojoba and cocoa butter and reviews say it lasts well so makes up for the slightly high price tag.

Rant over :0)