I've been talking about it for ages and trying all sorts of different mascaras in the mean time but last week I finally booked in for eyelash extensions. 

It must have been around a year ago that I noticed my friend Carrie looking fully lash-a-licious and when I enquired she told me about the wonderful Sonia who applied them for her. Not long after that I noticed a few more friends with super vixen lashes and decided I needed to jump on the eyelash express!

I'm not sure exactly why it is but for some reason long lashes look sexy, I guess it's like full lips, it's feminine and sultry and for me means wearing no eye make-up.

The application process for a full top set takes around 1 hour and costs only £40 with Sonia. I imagined it to be uncomfortable but it wasn't at all, it was quite a relaxing process. 

You can select from a number of lengths depending on your own lash length and desired impact - I went for the longest, in an all or nothing kind of way! ;0)

My first thought when I looked at the results in the mirror was OMG, I look like Mr Snuffleupagus!

I'd had my eyebrows threaded for the first time too so it was a lot to take in but I was looking forward to getting my glad rags on the following evening for a night out in London.

Desired impact was achieved! I am now a most proficient lash batter and since application (over a week later) I'm still getting comments. I met a friend who I hadn't seen for a few months who later text to say how well I was looking - this is always a great thing to hear :0)

Having eyelash extensions has meant having to change my daily routine which is always strange; not applying eyeliner for the first time in 15 years is odd but very nice and washing my face was difficult for the first week but it's like any change in routine, it just takes practice.

Below are the before and after pics, the bottom pic is taken is taken 11 days after initial application - they are lasting really well.

I was warned that this new beauty ritual may become addictive and I can see why, I am hoping that I won't look completely bald when they finally fall out but just in case, I have Sonia on speed dial.