Skin Cancer is something that everyone worries about, it is in James’ family and a very close friend of my family has it too, so when it comes to safety in the sun for us and particularly our son, I cover Max in sun cream even if cloudy.

I picked up the Banana Boat Ultra Mist Lotion factor 50.  Mainly because it was factor 50, and because I figured as a mist, it would be really easy to apply and it promised to be tear free.  It was also half price (I figure because they thought they would never sell all their sun lotion due to our crappy British Summer!).  First application was not amusing, the ‘ultramist’ is about as misty as getting slapped in the face with a sopping wet flannel, it sprays in every direction possible, including the Nursery Walls, so whilst Max was crying with laughter at me swearing and wiping it off my nice new top, I was NOT.  It says in big print ‘Tear Free’ .  Nope. It stays greasy and wet looking for a good 10 mins, so when he rubs his eyes, it transfers from his hands to his eyes, so by the end of the day he looked like I had been punching his face all day, big swollen red bags under his eyes.  I decided nope, not using that anymore.  

I think I must have forgotten it was Banana Boat that I already had, otherwise I most definitely wouldn’t have picked up another of the same brand, but I am glad I did.  I LOVE this one; it’s called Powder-Dri.  Goes on like a lotion but dries like a powder, apparently it lasts longer than ordinary sunscreens as it doesn’t break down in the skin.  It goes on brilliantly, and Max can rub his eyes until the cows come home, as it dries so quickly it doesn’t transfer anywhere!  Clothes can be put on straight away without them becoming greasy, and although we’ve not hit the beach, it promises the sand won’t stick to it, I completely believe that.

So if you’ve had problems with sun cream, I would 100% recommend this one, I couldn’t find it in factor 50, so bought factor 30, which has worked just as well, I just reapply more often, but we are rarely out in the sun for more than 40 mins anyway.  In the swatch below, the left side of my arm is the ultramist applied, and the right side is the Powder Dri – which as I explained, is not visible at all, hence kind of like asking you to look at the Invisible man, but proves my point :0)