I previously worked at realhair in Chelsea, where I was lucky enough to meet and work with the gorgeous and talented Jenna Treat, who is an eyebrow guru, she just does it all differently, she doesn’t believe in making your brows perfectly symmetrical as that isn’t what nature intended, and more importantly, she does it while you are in a seated position, so your face is not being pulled down by gravity when you are laying down.  I loved having Jenna work on my brows, it didn’t hurt, she trimmed them too, she also tints them, and you just leave looking remarkably different even with just a few tweaks.

However, I moved on from realhair, and getting to see Jenna every few weeks was impossible with our geographical differences, so unfortunately I haven’t seen her for about 12 months.  So I started going to a threading salon in Milton Keynes, which I was quite happy with but it always really hurt, now I remember going to a previous Indian Colleagues house for her mum to do mine a few years ago who charged me £2 for my brows, and they didn’t hurt at all, which is why I was happy to go back to threading, but this was much more painful, so I started thinking maybe I will just go back to wax.  My personal thoughts on wax is that it seems to take the top layer of skin off, I don’t mean it literally, but it leaves you with a shiny surface, which I struggle(even with an eye base) to keep eye make up on for at least a few days after without it kind of slipping off, maybe I am on my own here, but I just don’t get on with it.  As for HD brows, I just find them seriously weird, so although I had an appointment booked a few weeks ago, I cancelled it.

Anyway, I was in the hair salon the other day (5th Avenue in Bedford), and while I had my colour on I asked if their threading lady was in, which she was, so I got my brows done.  It didn’t hurt a single bit, I asked her why, and she seems to think that it is because she doesn’t hold the thread in her mouth like a lot of threaders too.  I am not exaggerating, there was simply no pain, and she was so quick.  Yes I was laying down, not sitting up, but when I got up, my brows looked so lovely, NO redness, not one hint that I’d had my brows done.  The cost? £7!!!!  Amazing!  Perveen is my new regular brow queen!

Maybe if like me, you find threading painful, ring around and ask if their process is with or without the tautness of holding the thread in their mouth?

naked brows, no powder, wax, balm or anything.