Following on from my Hydraluron post, I also took Carolines advise on trying to find a cleansing balm, which is more moisturizing than a normal wash.  I’m keen to spend my Boots Advantage points at the moment to save money, so headed there.  I couldn’t find a balm anyway, but came across Avene.  I have used a face wash of theirs before, but found it too drying, so when I found their Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel, I figured that was the best I would find.   It is for dry and very dry sensitive skin of adults, but also for children and babies, so I figured this has got to be good for me and the havoc that my skin is going through at the moment.


I’ve been using it for just over a week and really like it, once I’ve rinsed my face, I don’t have to pull that ugly face where you feel you need to stretch it as it’s so tight and dry, which is always a bonus for me, and James who doesn’t find it particularly attractive just before bed.  I want to try it with a muslin cloth, which I hear  @kiamakemeup has just started making and selling, with great reviews from other beauty bloggers.  You can buy here  at a great price.

The consistency is milky, but once you massage onto your damp face, it becomes a lot less liquid and more of a thick soapy consistency, it really feels like you are getting your make up off but nice and gently!