I have short, stubby 'boy' eyelashes, probably due to curling, heat curling and applying way too much mascara way too young. With this in mind I am always keen to try products with the promise of lengthening and body building but to be perfectly honest I never believe it will work. How can it?

So I thought I would give the world's #no1 Mascara a go after sticking to the same mascara brand for the past few years. The packaging lists a high% list of results, the before and after pictures are amazing and you get a free travel size mascara in the anniversary set available right now..I was sold!

At first I found the product kind of tacky in consistency but I suppose it makes sense that to build eyelash body you need 'gunk' so I went with it as clearly I was just used to my previous silky, smooth Chanel Multi Dimensional Mascara.

I took some early pictures of my eyes before, after and with my old mascara and was surprised to find nothing to write home about but I decided to persevere - I spent £18.50 on it after all!


Being patient is not one of my strongest points but I'm glad I hung in there as I truly believe that this mascara has either conditioned my eyelashes or just clung onto them in just some kind of way that over the last few weeks has really made a difference - they look thicker, not any longer but definitely more full of volume.

Excuse the terribly overgrown eyebrows here but hopefully you will be able to see the difference in the pictures of my eyelashes below

 The bottom picture is me wearing my old Mascara and in the top picture I have 'They're Real on the left eye and no mascara on the right eye (as you look at the screen).