I was advised to use Agera Glycolic Face wash about a year ago, but wasn’t actually told how often to use it, and have been using it twice every day since then (you don’t need much if you’re wondering how it lasted so long).  I’ve only been a mum for just over a year, and am tired, don’t eat as well as I should, so I put my terrible skin (dry, spotty, angry -  and I mean ANGRY - spots) down to those exact reasons.

The other week I woke up with a horrendous dry patch running along those lines from the outside of your nose to the corner of your mouth, and near on had an apoplexy.  Firstly, I have always ticked the ‘oily’ skin box in any survey, and secondly, it means that make up looks bloody awful.  The more I rubbed it, the bigger the dry patch got, so I covered it in E45, which did nothing, then tried a face oil – again, a big fat nothing.  I tweeted @carolinehirons who is known for her expertise in skincare, facials etc, with a pic of my skin, (it doesn’t do justice to how bad it actually was, but you can see the angry spots too) who said my skin is dehydrated but it could also be caused by stress.  This makes total sense, my interim contract with my previous job ended in August, and I am still hanging in there for the right job, so yes I am stressed, I have also rediscovered how exhausting full time parenthood is, so everything Caroline said made sense.  I then told her I was using the Agera twice a day every day for a year and her exact words were ‘JESUS WEPT – STOP!’ once or twice a week I should have used it.  Her other words were ‘Your skin is parched’

So after tears of relief that hopefully this isn’t a permanent fixture on my face (yes I know it sounds melodramatic, but after being so proud of being olive skinned, which has always been supple, yes,it has break outs, but on the whole looks healthy, this was really upsetting), I went and bought 2 new products, one was ‘Indeed Laboratories’  Hydraluron

Let me tell you, never have I had such instant results, and I was a bit hesitant about spending over £20 on a 30ml tube of something I had never heard of, but like I said, Caroline knows her stuff, and I also realised she had put this product in her hall of fame.  It is a serum, which uses hyaluronic acid, which in case you didn’t know, all of us have in our skin, but it gets less abundant the older we get, especially when you are a dufus and use a ridiculously drying product for a year!  Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.   This, together with a strain of red marine algae, which helps maximum delivery into the skin for long lasting, below surface hydration and textural evenness.  

The next morning I woke up to no dry patches, so used it again (you use it before your normal night and day moisturiser, it kind of gold plates your normal moisturisers!) and when I put my warpaint on, there were still no dry patches.  Cue immediate gushing on twitter to Caroline.  This was 2 weeks ago; my skin is looking much more like it’s old self now, also due to using a moisturising face cleanser now too (review to come shortly)

I want to work for this brand, I’m not kidding, I only ever work for brands I believe in, that I will use myself and that I’m not afraid to put my reputation on the line for, and this is simply amazing.  They also do an eye rescue cream, which I am gagging to try, if it is anything as good as this! Also on the wishlist is their optical diffusing cream which minimises appearance of wrinkles, an anti ageing wonder serum, a beauty without needles muscle reduction cream, and Peptalash which is the most recognisable product in my experience from the whole range.  Having worked for a plastic surgeon for a few months once, I tried botox and fillers, and would much rather try a topical product than an injectable and I think this is the one. 

The consistency is clear, and quite liquid, not as gel like as some serums and is dry within seconds of application so you can pop your moisturiser on straight away.