So let me give you a bit of background to my bargain beauty find...Last year I was bridesmaid for my friend Emma at her beautiful wedding in the south of France, we were lucky enough to have a make-up artist (Emma's friend Anna) assist with our application on the morning of the big day which was such a treat :0)



While we were chatting, drinking bubbles and getting ready - in that order, Anna gave us a few beauty tips, one of which was the Lacura skin care range from Aldi. So on my return to England I set off to Aldi to sample this award winning range.

I've been using these products for about a year now, in between my other favourite creams and have been very pleased with the results so far and I've even been back to buy more!

The Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream is an amazing £1.99 for 50ml. It gives a great firming feel, leaves my skin hydrated without any greasy residue and has the most beautiful fresh, clean fragrance.

The Q10 Moisturising Eye Cream is £1.49 for 15ml. It's light but easily absorbed and feels instantly brightening which is very much needed for my 30 something under eyes!

The Aqua-Complete Multi-Intensive Serum is £3.49 for 50ml. This product I use less mainly due to time limitations but like the other products in the range it absorbs well, allows for a clean, even make-up application and smells like a Summer morning breeze.

The Anti-Wrincle Q10 Night Cream is £1.99 for 50ml. This product is very similar to the day cream, just thicker and naturally slightly more greasy as a night cream should be, it hydrates all night and leaves skin feeling plumped in the morning.

Overall this range has been a true find and I can only thank Anna for her fantastic 'insider' tip - feel free to share more anytime.

Next I am going to try out the Shimmering Face Cream and The Wrinkle Filler With Collagen - will give you an update when I have given them a few months trial.