Now this is something every woman has dreamed of for years!  Something that measure’s your skin’s colour and matches to your perfect skin-true foundation?  No way surely?!

I mentioned on a bare minerals post a few months ago that I had a ridiculous amount of expensive foundations with about 2 uses from each as the colour match I had in store was useless due to either harsh yellow lighting, or not good enough lighting.

My skin is still not good, I think it is caused by stress now, and my stress spots are so angry, so I asked the No 7 lady to just take as little of my bare minerals off as possible rather than all of it as had my 15 month old in tow and didn’t want him to wait while I had my entire face re-done.  She took pictures of my skin once foundation was removed, which took literally the time it takes to click a normal camera, and then it came up with my colour match: ‘Deeply Ivory’  She then asked which of the 2 foundations available in that colour I would prefer.  When I told her my coverage requirements (matte and anything from medium to ‘pile it on with a trowel’ coverage) she recommended the ‘Beautifully Matte’ foundation.  I was hesitant to buy ANOTHER foundation, so she offered me a pot, which she filled with the said foundation (this has given me 3 applications so far and still has probably another 2 in it).

It’s been a long time since I used a liquid foundation, about 3 months, and I didn’t think I would ever go back to it, but for a glammed up night out, I actually WANT to look like I am wearing make up, and this has done the job for me.  I’m definitely going to be buying it.  I have used it 3 times, once with a foundation brush, once with a sponge and once with fingers, and each application has given great results.

Try it, it takes 20 seconds, there is no hard sell afterwards (having always been in Sales, I can honestly say I HATE being sold to!) and I am so happy to have got a foundation finally right for my skin tone.  I honestly think this is the first time ever!

Here is Lisa Eldridge, make up artist and Creative Director at No7 explaining the process