You may be learning that I am an advertisers/marketers dream, which is quite ironic seeing as my career has been to convince people to buy the brand I’m working for at the time.  I am getting played at my own game!

So my hair colourist Lauren told me to try this and gave me a quick spritz in the salon to demonstrate the cooling effect it has and I bought it within about 2 seconds of the spritz!


It’s pricey, and if I’m working from home I just use good old batiste but if I need an extra 20mins in bed rather than washing and drying hair on a London day then I have used the Redken treat and it is well worth saving for special occasions!  It’s cooling so your hair does actually feel like it’s been washed, not just ‘masked’ and there are no tell tale hints of a powder in your hair, so I would go as far to say it is totally invisible.   The best thing about it is that it seems to just keep absorbing the oils that the sebum glands produces in your scalp, as even after a full day my hair looks even better than when I first applied it!


This is definitely my number 1 saving grace at the moment!


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