I'll be honest, it's taken me a while to get around to full head roller application, what with finding that rare day when I haven't already put my hair through some serious heat styling and not wanting to go Nora Batty for an evening.

It was quite a daunting thing, the idea of sleeping in a full head of rollers but when I did finally give it a go, it was far more comfortable than I imagined.


The Dream roller application was fairly easy and I imagine would be a 'practice makes perfect' routine, the rollers held in place very well and felt light but secure.

When it came to trying to sleep, there was no problem either, yes it felt a little strange at first but it wasn't uncomfortable and I drifted off with no problems.

In the morning I got my little boy to help me remove the rollers as they were stuck in quite well in places, we were running late for school and I am no Lauren Goodger so certainly could not pull off the rollers in public look!

The results were quite good, my hair had great root lift and felt bouncy all day long which was lovely. I need to give these rollers a few runs to get my technique right but I certainly think the dream roller hype is justified. If you have the time for this process then it's well worth a go and it's as close as you will get to a hairdressers fresh hair do 'bounce' without an actual trip to the salon.

Keep posted for a Dream Roller giveaway coming up early next month - gotta share the love :0)