I love a nude oversized clutch that I bought for a wedding a couple of months back, even if James does say it looks like a laptop case (pffff, MEN!), but have been looking for some shoes to compliment it. I had some lovely cage style shoes that I wore with it, but they are starting to look a bit too worn, so on a teeny tiny shopping trip, I fell upon a pair I HAD to have in good old New Look!

I have spent a lot of money on shoes, LK Bennett, I didn’t seem to learn from my mistakes; I have really wide ‘plates of meat’ or ‘manfeet’ as they are sometimes called, so LK shoes would be discarded after one wear, and the only shoes that really work for me are Jimmy Choo, which recently are WAY out of my budget.  The only other store that works for me in the foot region is New Look! I never get home after a night out to bleeding feet, blisters, when I wear their shoes, I don’t know why if a high street store can do it, why everyone else can’t, but hey ho!

I wasn’t even thinking of my handbag, but when I got home I pulled it out and squealed with delight, they match so well!  I THINK I may be having a rare night out this weekend, so plan on a test run with my size 8 clodhoppers!

Clutch: £20 asos.com 

Shoes: £24.99 New Look