I love my Clinique ‘quick eyes’ pencil.  With the powder in one end with a lovely sponge applicator and the matching colour as a pencil on the other end.  It does what it says ‘quick eyes’  and is great even if you don’t have a clue how to apply eye make up.  Smokey Eyes are so easy with these.

I was looking through the latest Avon brochure a few weeks ago and came across their dupe ‘in a blink’ at something ridiculous like £3 so thought I’d be mad not to try them.

So I got 3 ‘in a blink’ pencils cheaper than 1 clinique ‘quick eyes’ and couldn’t wait to try them!

They are pretty much exactly the same, great strong pigment, the espresso (brown) wasn’t the colour I hoped, my idea of espresso is a dark dark brown, but this is more like a mocha, but  it’s great mixed with my old fave Mac limited edition ‘Magnetic Fields’ which is about to die and make me cry   They are so easily blendable, so you can be as subtly or as heavily made up in the eye area as you like, and each of them has a really subtle amount of sparkle which I really like.

So if you aren’t overly confident with the smokey eye techniques, may I suggest you check this out, as if you decide it’s not for you, you’ve spent less than a fiver!  I think Avon still has a slight stigma attached, it does with some of my friends, but I now have so many of their make up products, and have preferred them to the expensive brands.  More Avon posts to come as am love with one of their eye palettes!

swatches, left to right Teal, Onyx, Espresso