On the back of the blog I posted a month or so ago re Lulu’s Timebomb skincare, I was also asked to try a couple more of the products, and after a few weeks of using them, I’ve formed an opinion!

As you may have seen, I blogged about Lee Staffords Arganoil the other week, and I did wonder whether I should blog about another shampoo and conditioner so soon, but I have always been one to mix my hair products up, and since adding so much more blonde to my hair, I have been happy to experiment with new products to see what suits it best.

What I first noticed about the shampoo is that it has a consistency like no other shampoo I have tried, apart from maybe ghdspa shampoo that I used to sell, (which was amazing, but unfortunately ghd discontinued it before it had a chance to catch on.)  I am not sure whether it is due to the fact that is has no sulfates, or perhaps it has a higher level of salt in it (salt is what thickens a shampoo and makes it foam), but I had to make sure my hair was really soaking wet before applying it to get a lather.  I never used to use conditioner, but due to my hair being abused by my lovely hairdresser and her chemicals more so nowadays, I use it every hairwash, and this one is gorgeous, so thick and silky, it almost feels like a hair masque treatment.  I just leave it on for a couple of minutes while I wash my face, and then rinse it out and my hair feels gorgeous, even when wet, which is quite rare for me, as mine gets so knotty.  The fragrance is lovely too, really subtle, but really feminine, but not in a flowery way, just a nice fresh summery scent!

After towel drying I have alternated between the Operation Glam High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray, or the Operation Glam Glammunition Thickening Elixir.  I use the Elixir if I am leaving my hair down, but the spray is amazing if (especially in the current climate) you want to have your hair up, but not looking flat!  You apply either onto towel dried hair then dry as normal.  My hair is so fine, but I have a lot of it, so when I do get it plumped up by a good blow dry or this kind of product, it looks so lovely and thick and I can go 2 days without washing it easily, which is fab!!  Opposite is a pic of how workable the Thicken & Lift Spray leaves newly washed hair for an updo…. (my hair is so silky it normally all falls out of the million grips I put in it, this was one tiny crocodile clip)

Finally, just a brief touch on the Bombshell Revealing Body Cleanser and the Bombshell Show-Off Body lotion.  The body cleanser has tiny little polishing crystals and beads that are gentle enough to use daily if you want, again it smells so light and summery that I have been using it every day since the heat hit us, and my skin feels lovely.  After the shower I use the Body lotion, which is definitely a lotion rather than a body milk, but it sinks in as easily as a body milk, and leaves a lovely sheen behind, ingredients like avocado, rosemary and lavender oils which are well known moisturising ingredients when eaten or used topically obviously work, and apparently there is white truffle in the lotion too which gives the luminous glow, I’m not sure how much there is as it is quite low on the ingredients list, but I definitely have a glow!

Lulu has got a great team of chemists behind her I think, as none of her products have failed me yet, and I am like any other female and do like a good moan.  The only thing I can moan about, is I hate tubes in the shower, as water fills the lids and when you take them out of the shower to take pics for your blog, the water leaks all over your desk so you end up having to get creative for pics in the shower tray…….that’s about as harsh as I can get I’m afraid!!!!!!