I have been a fan of NEOM for a while now, ever since early conversations with the lovely Nicola and Oliver where I found their passion about their brand highly contagious.  So when Nicola got in touch with me a few weeks ago about something, she sent me a lovely package afterwards. 

One of my favourite items in the magical box I got was the real luxury organic body scrub.  If you read my posts regularly you will know I am so lazy, I expect quick results, quick application etc, so body scrubs are not my thing in the shower really, but I have read such lovely reviews about it, I thought I must at least try it.  

The fragrance, oh my!  Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood, it makes me feel like I’m in a spa!  You know how fragrances evoke memories, this obviously reminds me of one of my pamper days and has me ooohing and aaahing in the shower!  The application, when I first dipped my hand in, I thought oh it’s loose salts this could get messy, but it’s not, the essential oils bind the scrub together, so it’s not wet and sloppy, but it’s not dry either.


Application is easy, I actually spent ages doing it, just because the fragrance was so heavenly and because I so rarely pamper myself now I have a 14month old! 

The consistency is perfect.  I have found some scrubs are a bit like a trainee hair stylist at the backwash, they either lightly touch you to the point where you want to scream ‘put your back into it!’ or leave you feeling like you’ve slept on a pillow of nails.  NEOMs scrub is perfectly balanced, I love that feeling of chasing an itch (I am odd I know), and so I chased itches from my toes to my shoulders whilst enjoying every minute of it!

The best thing about this scrub is once you wash it off, you are left with little beads of water on your skin so you can see your body has been treated to a full on body oil treatment too without you even realising, I don’t even need to moisturise when I get out of the shower now if I’ve used this.

Of course, after you have massaged it in, your hands are also left with the oily traces, so I run my hands through the ends of my hair and then rinse out again, and my hair is SO silky, shiny, and smells better than any shampoo!!  Try it, unless NEOM read this and tell me ‘NOOOO!  DON’T PUT IN YOUR HAIR’  to which I will of course let you know.  3 in 1 product hero for me, exfoliates, INTENSELY moisturises and a lovely little 2 minute hair miracle!!

£32 for a 332g pot, amazing value for money for such a luxury experience.  Depending on whether you have been naughty or nice, I would definitely put this on your Christmas list!!