I asked for suggestions on twitter the other day for eye make up bases, as have always used MAC paint pot in painterly, but figured now I’m blogging, I should really try new things.  The main 2 that came up were No 7, and Soap & Glory.  I went with the No 7 one due to it being a make up brand, and Soap & Glory not what I would call specialising in make up (not in my eyes anyway, pardon the pun), also went for it because I had the lovely £5 off No 7 voucher that Boots offer at the moment, so it cost me about £2.

I’m disappointed in the packaging, I have to say I am pretty materialistic when it comes to things looking nice, and of course I will admit I was comparing it to my heavy glass pot of MAC, with a satisfying weight, so when I opened this and it was a flimsy white plastic case, I was a bit ‘oh’ and deflated from the start!

I will never understand why make up brands put crappy applicators in eyeshadows or in this case, eye bases, I would much rather they gave me extra product, and left the applicator out altogether, yes I do have quite big hands, my other half refers to them as man hands, but seriously, it was impossible for me to use the applicator so I ploughed on in with my fingers instead

It applies beautifully, and my eyeshadow went on really well over it, but it doesn’t make my eye make up last any longer thans MACs paint pots, in fact it lasts a lot less, and I got that godawful shiny sweaty crease in the eye sockets, really really unimpressed on the whole.  By the end of the wedding I was at where I had test run this product (rookie error), my eye make up had pretty much slid right off.  If I had paid full price for this, I would have taken it back.

I know that all of us have different skin types, and mine is never one or the other, and my eyelids are quite oily, so this product might be great for some and not for me, and unfortunately I am the latter.  I am going to try Soap & Glory next, and if no joy, will head back to MAC.   Once you go MAC you never go back??