Because I am an ex sunbed addict and ultimate paley (no English Rose here, just translucent) I just had to try out some of the Lauren's Way tanning products.

So without delay I yoinked the Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion and doused myself in it the night before we were off to a very beautiful Irish castle wedding. Fairly brave (or stupid) trying out a new instant tanning product the night before a public outing, sure, but with the hype Lauren's Way was getting on Twitter, Lauren's own gorgeous tan and Abby's previous endorsement I had great faith. 

Thankfully the application was easy (with a sponge) and the tan looked natural and smelled nothing like digestive biscuits. Even my mother in law was interested and impressed - this is no mean feat!

Lauren's Way have a vast selection of tanning products, I have gone on to buy the Instant Wash Off Glow for those days when I feel that a quick, glow pep up is required and with the range starting from £11.95 you would be mad not to give these products a whirl. I've had lots of positive comments on my skin tone and have been only too pleased to share the sun-kissed love with my girls and a couple of my metro boys.

Lauren's way tanning products are without doubt my beauty find of 2012 so far - I am one very pleased, glowing girl :0)