I don’t win anything, I mean I really don’t.  James buys the lotto if we do it, as we know he has more chance than I do.  I’m lucky in life, I always seem to land on my feet, walk through sh*t but come out smelling of roses, but I just don’t win stuff!

So imagine my surprise when literally only a few days after I had blogged about stumbling across www.celliana.com I received a tweet from @RemsLuxuryBlog telling me I had won the Celliana jewellery competition on her blog!!!

I was so ridiculously excited, and went back to her blog to remind myself what I had won, the earrings were too flamboyant for me, so I asked her to give them to the Runner Up so that someone else could be as excited as me and I patiently waited for my bracelet to arrive, didn’t need much patience as it came 2 days later and I LOVE it!! 

So thank you to @RemsLuxuryBlog and @CellianaOnline I am out to dinner for my dad’s birthday celebrations this weekend and will be wearing it for all to see!!