I was lucky enough to be sent the Shampoo, Conditioner and Nourishing treatment about a month ago and have been using it for nearly 3 weeks and now feel I armed enough to write a review.

I am proud of the fact that I have worked with/for some great hair brands; ghd, the wonderful Jo Hansford, the girls at FOUR London, and Josh Wood, and so because of this, I also worked with great Chemists and formulators and learnt quite a bit.

A lot of people say they don’t want SLS or Parabens in hair products, but I am of the opinion that I put chemicals in my hair every trip to the salon, so I can’t really be precious about using less harsh chemicals that are often in a shampoo and conditioner, especially if they give me the outcome I am hoping for.

So, I got an old contact who has formulated very well known brands to take a look at these ingredients in Lee’s products, and although he told me what I thought, ‘it’s not mind blowing ingredients’, (in case you didn’t know, the lower something is down on an ingredient list, the less percentage of product is in there) I really really like the results of the products.  Whilst argan oil is a very small percentage in these products, whatever it is accompanied by does the job.  

I have recently gone a lot blonder than I have been for years and every day after getting out of the shower now that I’m using this brand, my tangle teezer glides effortlessly through my wet hair.  I say everyday, but actually, I only have to wash it every other day since I’ve been using it, I know that may be also due to the fact my hair has got drier since having it lightened so much more, but either way, I am happy.

It’s also hard to get blonde hair to shine, and as someone who always had really glossy naturally brown hair, that was one of the big disappointments of having blonde highlights, but Lee’s products have put pay to that, and I do have beautifully glossy locks.

Prices are good and you don’t need much of it at all, if you want to try a new shampoo that is a fair price, I would definitely recommend giving this a go, whatever colour hair you have!