I may be a bit biased having worked for Jack in two previous companies, but as well as being over dramatic, hilarious and a fantastic dancer, he is also pretty damn talented in the design department.  When he first told me he had something big on the horizon, I knew it would be, and here we are being presented with his second season of bag designs.

I loved the first season, but ever since it was posted on twitter and the Jack French London facebook page, I am ever so slightly obsessed with the Belgrave, it is so utterly sublime, I am just dying to get my hands on it so I can put my black Mitzy Mulberry away until winter and encourage the sun to come out with the beautiful soft grained Cream leather Belgrave with its gold hardware.  The Conduit is pretty sleek too. 

Jacks bags have a gorgeous rich luxurious Royal Purple lining as their trademark, and I can easily see him becoming as renowned for this as Christian Louboutin is for his red soles.

This collection is beautiful, Clare and I are in love.