If there is one thing (actually there are many) I could change on my face, it would be to have full lips.  My boyfriend has lovely full lips, and luckily our little boy has inherited those, but me, no.  I have a full bottom lip, but a really annoying uneven top lip, plus my mouth naturally turns down, so I am constantly being told to ‘cheer up love’ .  Excellent, thanks, that’ll make me smile.

I so badly want to wear red lipstick, I want to be one of these people that just dusts a bit of powder on their face in the morning, puts a slick on Vaseline on their eyelids and lashes, and then finishes off their look with a layer of fire engine red lipstick.  But I don’t, because I feel it draws attention to my thin uneven top lip.

I was at a Sales appointment at Bentalls in Kingston on Thursday, and had some time before my appointment, so took a wander around and ended up at the Clinique counter.  The Clinique consultant was an exquisitely beautiful olive skinned red lipstick wearing lady, and so I asked her what she was wearing, told her my dilemma with the red lip fear, and she asked me to sit down and try the colour she was wearing.  (Two Ton Tomato).  I was a bit ‘oh no, I don’t have time, I need to get to my appointment’ but she told me everyone can wear red, it just needs to be the right colour, tone and finish and pretty much had me sitting in her lap with her charm.  So I thought I’d humour her.

The olive skinned beauty was right, after she’d applied it, I looked in the mirror and smiled back at myself, she’s right, I CAN wear red!  The good thing for me and my pathetic top lip is that the chubby stick has a high shine, so is much better on a thinner lip, as the shine reflects, but also can make the lips appear fuller rather than a matt colour.  She also tried to sell me the Clinique airbush concealer, as she used it to outline my lips, which looked even better, but I assume that does the same job as my YSL Touche Eclat, so didn’t get sucked into that one.  What I did leave with though was the cutest zip up tube, perfect to carry the chubby stick, a nail file, Touche Eclat and a couple of other bits.  I’m smiling a nice red smile, and am now contemplating going back for the Woppin’ Watermelon!

I’m wearing Two Ton Tomato £16