Oh. My. God!  I am in love. From 6 years old when I used to beg my mum to put rollers in my hair at bedtime so I would have goldilocks hair in the morning I have always wanted curly hair.  Unfortunately my hair is straight.  Poker straight.  I had layers cut in to try and make it get a built in wave, but the layers stick out so I end up straightening it which totally defeats the object.

So, after reading Ree’s (from reallyree.com @reallyree) brilliant review on her blog about the Babyliss various wands, as well as seeing pics, I was sold and trotted off to Boots.

I have got 3 curling irons, one set of ghd’s and 2 sets of the bendy rollers.  Curling irons make me look like Shirley Temple, as do the bendy rollers, and the whole lot drops after about 2 hours.  ghd, well bearing in mind I worked for the company, I know how to use them, and will always sing their praises, but even after learning every curling/waving technique, it still wasn’t the exact look I wanted, and it still dropped before the end of an evening.

This Babyliss Wave Wand, is aptly named, it is like a magic wand for fairytale hair!  I cannot sing it’s praises highly enough, and I love that you get a mean looking black glove with it, and actually, it is necessary as I used it at 200degrees, and that is HOT.


First time of using wand, I maybe should have used heat protector, but as I am sure you are quickly becoming used to hearing this from me, that takes an extra few seconds, so I didn’t.  I had my 1 year old hanging around my legs, so had to do this quickly, and I promise it took no longer than 5 minutes!  I was left with the beachy waves I have wanted for 30 years!  You take as big or as small a section as you want (bigger for looser waves, smaller for tighter ones, obvs) and holding the hair with the murderous looking glove you wrap it around the wand and hold it for 5-8 seconds, there is no clamp, therefore no evidence that you used a hot iron, which is another thing that annoys me about tongs, as the end always ends up being totally straight


10 hours later, although it had dropped a bit, I still loved it, and the drop is equal all around, not waves mixed with poker straight strands.

10 Hours Later

I woke up this morning, and used my secret weapons; Batiste Dry Shampoo and Trevor Sorbie beach hair, and hey presto, waves revived, roots degreased and I still have wavy hair!

Next Day

I want to use this every day, if I could get this look permanently I would, this ACTUALLY makes me want to get a perm.  I’m about to go much blonder too, and can’t wait to see what it looks like wavy and beach blonde.  I better buy a surfboard and get a tan dude.