So I'd never heard of MyFace Cosmetics before the lovely girls at nbpr sent us some samples but it would be true to say that I stay firmly in my comfort zone when it comes to painting my face! Well what a shame for my face and how my eyes have been opened..

I was sent samples from the Fair collection; 

Mymix Foundation Fair_02

Myface R&B rouge/blusher_Fair Sweet Escape

Myface Gigabite lipstick Fair_Vintage Pink

Myface Lip Pop Gloss Fair Diamond Girl

The foundation is silky, smooth and fresh smelling. It covers evenly but without feeling weighty - slight case of feeling naked but with nakedness comes liberation hey ;0)

The blusher is far from my usual bronzer but gives me a welcome youthful glow, which you actually forget about when you make the move from blusher to bronzer. Blusher highlights cheekbones in a way that bronzer just can't quite live up to and it felt nice to rekindle this old romance.

The lipstick is right up my street, a natural, nude, kinda boho looking shade. As much as I would love to be able to carry off a bright pillar-box red, I am just not that girl. So instead I mainly stick to tinted lip moisturisers, nude lip gloss and that good old make-up bag must, Vaseline.

Vintage pink is a lipstick that I can wear during the day without making me look 'done' and with a little lip liner and gloss overlay this lipstick can easily be taken from day to night.

The Lip Pop Gloss is a delicate nude/pink colour that suitably glams up the lipstick and adds a nice bit of sparkle to your look. Again, the application is soft and silk and thankfully avoids that sticky feeling many lip glosses have.

All in all I've had a real treat with these samples, not only is the brand fantastic but I have been able to blog about shades that suit me and that I can wear well.

Myface products are available online at here you can also find helpful tips and videos, this being my favourite from myface Artistic Director Kabuki.

Next on my wishlist is Mycover Concealer and Mymatch powder - will keep you posted.xx