So we had a little brush with Summer, got our legs out, speed dialed for a pedicure and lapped up the rays and just as we hunted out the factor 15 mother nature brought us back down to earth with some good old English rain. Okay the world needs rain so can't complain too much but come on now MN, it's June.

Well if the weather won't play ball then there's fake tan to assist with the happy hormones. Now lots of us ladies (and metro boys) use fake tan in one form or another and it's easy to stay in your comfort zone when you find one that works well but let me tell you it pays to experiment.

Last week I was lucky enough to test the Sienna X spray tan courtesy of Josie from NailsMakeupMe in preparation for a night out in London and a friends wedding last weekend. Usually I'm a home tanning girl, either a face tanning cream or a leg spay, I don't really have the time or need to bother with covering my whole body but the idea of an all over spay tan always appeals. 

Before Sienna XThe Sienna X tanning system is quick and easy and Josie comes to you so you don't have to worry about running home looking like you've been in a mud fight. The application took no more than 10 minutes and as always Josie is very precise in order to cover your body evenly and achieve a natural looking tan, all in all I was very pleased with my tan and people did comment on how natural it looked.

Josie covers London, East Anglia and the South east so contact her and get yourself ready for the summer month/s (fingers very much firmly crossed)! After 1 shower - Perfect!