For someone that is so obsessed with her nails, you’d think I’d spend more time looking after what my nails are attached to, but I don’t.  I so rarely use hand cream, mainly I think because I don’t have it to hand (pardon the pun) so it’s out of sight, out of mind.

I got sent some National Trust Garden Wild Rose and Camomile Hand & Body Lotion a couple of weeks ago, and the fact it’s not a tube that will roll over if I knee butt my desk which I regularly do has meant that I have it next to my laptop every day. And so I have been applying it twice a day at least.  My hands are very grateful, but so is my nose….

Having worked in the luxury fragrance industry for the past 2 years, and luxury brands before that, I know how if something has Rose in the title, people instantly say ‘ugh I hate Rose, reminds me of old ladies’ but having been educated in fragrances and different rose oils, I can assure you this isn’t and doesn’t have to be the case.  Wild Rose has a gorgeous friendly memory evoking fragrance, maybe picking the roses in the garden with your mum, or making god-awful rose petal perfume in your garden, but the scent before you ruined it by crushing it and putting grass and dirty water in the ‘perfume’ was gorgeous.  This is what I think of every time I use this lotion.  It doesn’t profess to turn my 34 year old hands that have spent more time in water over the past 12 months than ever before due to being up to my elbows in baby ‘stuff’ into 19 year old hands again, but it does make me keep smelling my hands and remembering those carefree days as a little girl in my personal apothecary by the waterbutt and compost heap with pretty badly washed jamjars.  They were good days * sigh *

This was a PR sample

RRP £9.50  and Every purchase goes towards supporting the NT’s work as an independent charity preserving special places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland