I always preach ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but have to say I am also more of a do as I say, not as I do person, as I am definitely guilty of pre-judging, especially with brands and products.

So, I’ve already been proven wrong by Lauren Goodger and her Lauren’s Way brand, and now by Lulu.  I think a lot of celebs just put their name on an already produced lotion, potion or shampoo that is sitting on a shelf in a warehouse waiting to be ‘the chosen one’ out of a long line of (let’s be honest) bog standard formulations that smell nice, but that’s pretty much where it ends.  

However, Lulu’s Timebomb has now become an absolutely daily ritual over the last 2 weeks for me, on the few blogs I have written, you will know I am a ‘if it can be done quickly, I will do it that way’ but I am now after washing my face each night, applying the eye cream, the night serum and the youth juice, and then in the morning, applying the eye cream, the day serum and then my usual moisturiser religiously.

This eye cream is good, I mean SERIOUSLY good, its in cool, quirky packaging, which even James wanted to know what was in it, it looks great on the dressing table but more importantly, I have been using the range for over 2 weeks now, and already my liquid eyeliner no longer catches on my crepey eyelids that have sprung from nowhere since having Max a year ago, and people are telling me I look well.  The serums are fab too, the night one warns you it may have a tingly effect when applied, and it does, but I am a bit weird in that I like it when that happens, it just feels like it is doing something to those lines and the youth juice smells divine, kind of a bit reminiscent of the Aromatherapy Associates Rose oil.

Every morning I wake up definitely looking fresher and I think more ‘ironed out’ than I did before I started using it.  So I can 100% say, if I am asked to recommend a good eye cream, I will recommend Timebomb.

Thanks to NBPR for samples. Pricing starts from £21 for 12ml eyecream, up to £33 for creams. I’ve also noticed there are body and hair products too….uh oh….