On the 14th June last year I gave birth to my beautiful son Max, and for my birthday the previous month, when James asked what I wanted, I said I’d like to design a necklace (my previous favourite had broken) that really meant something to me.  Emma Franklin is a gorgeous girl, in personality and annoyingly in her looks, and I have known her since she was about 14 I think and after seeing some of her jewellery designs that she was wearing on a friends hen do, I decided to give her a brief as to what I was looking for and for her to come up with a design.  I think from first sight of her website if you have the kind of clothing personality that I do,  you may not think there is anything for you, as although I adore what she is renowned for, which are animal heads on rings, necklaces, cufflinks and more, it just wouldn’t look right on me, but keep looking through her pages as she is talented and can interpret your personality after a conversation with you.

The brief was for the necklace to be a symbol of James, myself and our new baby, and a couple of weeks later she sent through this


I am quite classic in my style, I like to think I can wear boho type stuff, but end up looking like the goon from Private Olive – big and awkward - think Hilary Duvey if you’re too young to know who the goon is. (I’m 5 foot 11) So when I dress smart casual it stretches to a pair of annoyingly expensive jeans that don’t look casual at all.  Reiss is my fave high street shop.  Got a picture in your head now?  Ok, so poor Emmie (Emma Franklin) had to work with my ‘I want it quite battered looking, yet classic and smart’ brief.  This girl knows me better than I imagined, as although I liked all of the designs, the one I chose stuck out like a sore thumb.  The little baby circle connected to the biggest and medium circle were perfect, the bigger ones are slightly hammered, but the baby one is smooth, small and absolutely perfectly formed, just like our baby.  I have never taken this necklace off since I got it, and I get told when paying for clothes in stores, or at make up counters that my necklace is gorgeous, where is it from, and when I tell them it was bespoke, for me, and my private little bubble that is James, Max and I, the reaction is lovely.  I have given out several of Emmies cards and hope they have used them.


Emmie has designed my friend and her fiance’s wedding rings, their wedding is on the 23rd June, so I will be sure to get a pic of them both, and if you look at her bespoke page, I guarantee you, that you will want to send your boyfriend to her to design your engagement ring.  Ahem James