Ok, so I am well behind on the times, I only started watching TOWIE when there was nothing else on, towards the end of last series. James asked what the hell I was watching, but sat down and got as absorbed as I was.  We now look forward to Sunday and Wednesday nights and moan that we can’t have an early night due to needing to know who is well jel, who’s looking reem and who’s telling who to shu’upppppp.  I also love that my highly intelligent father of my son, has a man crush on Joey Essex.


So I have been seeing loads of RT’s from @laurens_way followers praising her fake tans, so when I got the opportunity to try it, I jumped at the chance.

Now I have worked in beauty for many years, but all my colleagues would tell you, if there is a quick way to do something, I will do it. I didn’t have a mitt, so rather than finding something to use, I used my hands, I then looked at my hands after applying to my legs, and panicked, squealed and ran to the bathroom, thankfully 5 mins later after scrubbing at my hands with a nailbrush and handwash my marmite hands were back to the usual human colour, so I improvised using my 11 month olds bath sponge as an applicator.  This worked brilliantly, although I am looking forward to receiving the proper mitt now and trying it as per Laurens directions.  I should at this point admit I also hadn’t exfoliated or moisturised, so this really was the ultimate test.

So down to the application and end result.  It is a bit frightening when it comes out (I used Glam Tan spray) as looks like dark brown water, but this is of course no different to me getting a Spray Tan, the plus points are that due to it being so water based rather than cream based is that the application is simple, and the benefit of the colour of it, is that you can see where you have already been and where needs a bit more.  I was nervous about what would look back at me in the mirror the next morning, but I am SO impressed, I love it.  When my friend saw me she didn’t believe that it wasn’t from sunbathing.  Whatevs.

Since this post, I have received the mitt, exfoliating polish and tan enhancing moisturiser, so will add an update once I have used it all again!