Not quite sure why we got onto this subject but an interesting little fact for you that I learned during drinks with the girls on Tuesday evening...

..During the war, the German clothing factory that eventually became the international menswear powerhouse Hugo Boss designed and produced thousands of Schutzstaffel uniforms using forced prisoner of war labour. These uniforms were later adopted by the Nazi party which Hugo Boss himself became a member of in 1931.

In a 1946 denazification judgement, based on his early party membership, his financial support of the SS and the uniforms delivered to the Nazi party even before 1933, Boss was considered both an “activist” and a “supporter and beneficiary of National Socialism”. He was stripped of his voting rights, his capacity to run a business and, fined “a very heavy penalty” of 100,000 marks. He died in 1948 but his business survived.

So would this make you think twice about buying Hugo Boss products? It's certainly one to think and read more about - just as well I changed my signature scent, Deep Red is off the beauty shelf for now I think.