And about time too!

How very excited I was to read that Victoria's Secret will be opening their first UK stores in London just before the Olympic Games begin in an effort to cash in on the tourism boom.

The US lingerie brand will open a flagship store on New Bond Street on the 25th July, then in Westfield Stratford the following day.

Victoria's Secret are the best bras I have found, so comfortable yet don't compromise style - previously I have found that my comfortable bras were the ones I would rather die than let anyone see, but with Victoria's Secret they know how to design pretty, edgy, funky, stylish bras that feel amazing to wear.

My fiancé has just returned from Las Vegas with a Bombshell bra (he had a list!) which really is amazing. For all of you ladies who wish to boost your assets, this bra is like an instant boob job and completely knocks those other well known cleavage increasing bras out of the ballpark.

No more big stock ups when traveling to America, however those London shopping trips just got a bit more expensive :0)