I don't normally wear a lot of product in my hair, well apart from my trusty Redken Anti-Snap and Frizz-Ease Secret Agent if a little fizz needs taming but as we were heading into Winter and the wind was picking up I thought it was time to bring the heavies in.

I decided to get myself some Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and some more Thickening Hairspray as I love a messy, voluminous curled look and always wish for thicker hair.

These products are fairly expensive at £20.50 125ml and £21.50 250ml respectively but my, are they worth it. The smell, the look, the result and even just the experience of using the products is such a pleasure.

Here I am on the left with very quick and slightly bouffed hair and on the right with ghd curled hair, both obtained with the above products

When I tong my hair then apply these products the outcome is fantastic and the style lasts very well, I can even go outside in the wind and brave a little drizzle without the whole lot getting ruined.

I've been using these products weekly for the last 4 months and the bottles are still very full with probably only a tenth of the thickening hairspray gone. I think the pump action spray allows for less wastage than the traditional aerosol system.

Both of these products are InStyle Best Beauty Buys Winners 2012 so it's not just me that thinks they are fab.